Auracell-based jewelry hitting retail stores this holiday season.

Rotuba’s scented polymer Auracell® makes its debut in stores

Linden, N.J. – November 25, 2008 – Rotuba, a custom extruder and compounder, is pleased to announce its scented biopolymer Auracell® will be used to produce scented, licensed jewelry featuring characters made popular in recent movies, musicals and television series. Products will be available at select retail stores this holiday season.

Rotuba partnered with MZ Berger & Co. to help produce the bubble gum-scented and cucumber melon-scented kids’ jewelry lines. Rotuba is also working with Townley Inc. in the production of lip balms that feature Auracell-scented caps that match the lip balm flavor.

“We’ve worked with other scented plastics before, but Auracell is a much better quality plastic and extremely easy to work with,” said Cindy Ferraro, executive vice president of merchandising and product development for MZ Berger & Co. “We’ve been very pleased with Auracell’s durability and the longevity of the scent.”

Auracell is a scented natural polymer that is derived from sustainable resources that are ideally suited to carry scent. The encapsulated fragrance is emitted for a long period of time, due to Auracell’s inherent breathability. In addition, it also possesses extraordinary physical properties such as tough impact strength, superior clarity and high surface gloss, making it ideal for thousands of consumer products in nearly every industry.

“There is a growing demand for scented polymers driven by a rising consumer interest in more complex and authentic flavors and fragrances,” said Adam Bell, president of Rotuba. “Auracell allows companies to incorporate scent in a unique way to better market their products, creating a memorable impression in the minds of consumers.”

For more than 60 years, Rotuba has been an industry leader in custom compounding with its brands, including Auracell® and Naturacell, and in custom extrusions for the lighting and point-of- purchase sectors.

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