Auracell Incorporated Extrude-a-Scent

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The eyes may have it, but the nose knows!

Given that humans are capable of distinguishing over 10,000 different aromas, Outwater Plastics’ new line of Extrude-A-Scent scented mouldings and profiles is intended to attract prospective customers in the increasingly competitive retail marketplace to a specific product by appealing to their sense of smell through the subtle yet effective dispersion of particularly appealing aromatic attributes that will help to identify, market and definitively differentiate that product from the vast compilation of potentially ambiguous merchandise vying for immediate recognition and ultimately desired purchase.

Studies have shown that of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell), because the sense of smell is the only sense that is capable of producing an actual impulse reaction, that it is one of the most effective methods in which to highlight a product and generate brand awareness.

With virtually an unlimited choice of scents available for incorporation into any type of manufactured Moulding, Extrusion, Sheet or Film product, Outwater’s Extrude-A-Scent lends itself for indoor and outdoor utilization in a variety of disparate flavor and fragrance oriented point-of-purchase, display and exhibit applications, which includes promotional items, foods, cosmetics, home products and toys.

“The smell of success is Green!”

Outwater’s Extrude-A-Scent is a natural polymer primarily derived from harvested wood pulp, or rather, cellulose, a safe and renewable “green” resource. Conceived with approved ingredients from the FDA’s GRAS List (a compilation of food additives “Generally Regarded As Safe”), Outwater’s Extrude-A-Scent has been thoroughly tested and is approved as non-toxic and well as a non-skin sensitizer. As a result, absolutely none of the components that comprise Outwater’s Extrude-A-Scent are on any of the following discerning watchdog lists: RoHS (The Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment), CONEG (Toxics legislation aimed at banning the use of lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium in packaging and packaging inks used or sold within states which enact such legislation), and California Proposition 65 (Intended to protect California citizens and the State’s drinking water sources from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and to inform citizens about exposures to such chemicals).

Outwater’s Extrude-A-Scent not only boasts unparalleled physical and sensory performance manufacturing and handling characteristics, not to mention its suitability for superior and longer lasting scent encapsulation, all integrated aromas are specifically tailored and impregnated within the proposed manufactured good (as opposed to being topically applied) at precise predetermined concentrations to suit the intended use, environment and timeframe of the desired scent’s anticipated dispersion.

Potentially able to save both product manufacturers and customers money by eliminating the need for costly sample programs, initial customer interaction with products via Outwater’s Extrude-A-Scent greatly reduces the temptation for product tampering, thus preserving the integrity of the packaging along with its contents.

Color pictorials and ordering information are available on the website. Outwater Plastics Industries can be contacted Toll Free at 1-888-772-1400 (Catalog Requests) / 1-800-631-8375 (Sales and Product Information) or viewed online at

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