Naturacell®, Helping Companies Achieve Green Initiatives

Rotuba’s Newest Polymer, Naturacell®, Helping Companies Achieve Green Initiatives

Linden, N.J. (May 30, 2008) – Rotuba, a custom extruder and compounder, announces it has introduced Naturacell®, a proven, environmentally-friendly polymer that can help companies quickly and easily pursue their sustainability initiatives.

Naturacell is ideally suited for a wide range of consumer products including toys, hair accessories, kitchen accessories, cell phones and many others. It arrives at a time when manufacturers are looking for ways to meet growing consumer demand for sustainable, “green” products. Research has shown that consumers prefer to purchase products that can be recycled, are made with renewable or sustainable resources and don’t harm the environment during production.

“Consumer demand for environmentally-friendly products is growing rapidly and manufacturers have been struggling to find a more efficient, affordable way to capture this opportunity,” said Adam Bell, president of Rotuba. “Naturacell provides the perfect solution because unlike many green polymers, it can be processed with existing equipment.”

Naturacell carries none of the challenges that are all too familiar to companies that are utilizing other bio-resins. With Naturacell, there’s no special tooling required, no capital investments needed, no processing headaches and no learning curve.

Naturacell’s base, Cellulose, is derived from sustainable natural resources – trees and cotton planted and harvested specifically for making this material. As a raw material, Cellulose has been used in manufacturing for over 50 years—a long track record that eliminates the risks associated with processing unproven bio-polymers.

Naturacell also possesses extraordinary physical properties such as tough impact strength, superior clarity, high surface gloss, strong chemical resistance and warmth to the touch, making it ideal for thousands of consumer products in nearly every industry.

The initial industry response to Naturacell has been enthusiastic, especially among those companies that are pushing for more environmentally-conscious products and are ready to start producing their products today.

About Rotuba  For more than 60 years, Rotuba has been an industry leader in custom compounding, with its brands including Auracell and Naturacell, and in custom extrusions for the lighting and point-of- purchase sectors. Today, Rotuba is at the forefront of the shift to a greener industry with Naturacell®, an environmentally friendly polymer that works with existing tooling, so customers can start processing it right away. Derived from trees and cotton, a sustainable natural resource, Naturacell is a durable, attractive plastic that can be made transparent and can be reprocessed, recycled and reused in most applications. Rotuba and Naturacell are the smart choice for processors looking to meet increasing green demands around the world.

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