Rotuba Extruders announces purchase of Albis Plastics

Rotuba Extruders inc. announces the purchase of Albis Plastics range of speciality Cellulosic compounds

Based in Linden, New Jersey, Rotuba has been producing Cellulose Acetate since 1955. They are the largest independent producer worldwide of Cellulose Acetate (CA) and custom scent compounders of Cellulose Acetate Propionate (CAP) and Cellulose Acetate
Butyrate (CAB).

in-the-news1Stephen Gill, President/CEO of ALBIS in North America commented:
“There is a lot of synergy between the markets ALBIS was active in and the markets ROTUBA supplies; this sale allows Rotuba to become a full service provider to any processor of Cellulosic products and expands its range of Cellulosic grades.”

Typical applications for Cellulosic polymers include medical devices, specialty cosmetic packaging, tool handles, fishing lures, optical ware and many sports and leisure items.

Adam Bell, President/CEO of Rotuba said:
“This is a natural fit for Rotuba and we are very excited by the prospect of adding the ALBIS formulations to our own. Our experience in Cellulosics will allow us to quickly get into production and provide a seamless transition for the ALBIS customer base.”

Rotuba has recently teamed with Eastman Chemical Company to develop and market launched a unique range of scented Cellulosics under the product brand Auracell®. Some of the markets Rotuba is seeing significant interest from for its Auracell scented polymer include Point-of-Purchase, Fashion Accessories, Mobile Phone Accessories, Cosmetics and Fine Fragrances.

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