For over 50 years, Rotuba has been one of the world’s leading custom compounders of Cellulose Acetate polymer.

We continue to find exciting new uses for this tough, versatile material including Auracell and Naturacell.

For more than 60 years, Cellulosics was one of the first modern thermoplastics available. Cellulosics is a unique polymer because it is made from a renewable resource – softwood trees, harvested under a program of sustainable yield that represents environmentally responsible management of our natural resources.

Cellulosics is made by removing the bark from trees which is then used as fuel for the conversion process itself so there is no waste.  The rest of tree is then chipped and put through a process that results in a Cellulose powder that is then compounded into a Cellulosic polymer.

Cellulosics have an excellent balance of physical properties including toughness, hardness, strength, surface gloss, clarity, chemical resistance and a warm to the touch feel.  Cellulosics are easily molded, extruded and fabricated.  Additionally, Cellulosics are resistant to attack or change by a wide variety of common household, industrial and medical chemicals.

Some of typical applications Cellulosics are used in include:

  • Opthalmic Sheet
  • Tool Handles
  • Toys
  • Faceshields
  • Cosmetics Packaging